Ailments We Treat

This is not a comprehensive list of the ailments we treat…

Find your ailment below.

If your ailment is not listed, that doesn’t mean we don’t treat it. Do you have questions or need advice? Give us a call! Our treatments are highly effective on almost any muscle, joint, nerve, or tendon pain/injury. Most patients see results within 1 or 2 sessions, and many get better within 6 sessions. Find your ailment and get more information below.

ARTHRITISphysical therapy in carmel There are solutions to arthritis; it is not something you have to ‘live with’. Whether you have osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or simple wear and tear on your joints, you must address it quickly. Most arthritis is not reversible, so it’s in your best interest to address it before it gets worse.  We’ve seen many undergo surgery unnecessarily.  We can help, and our patients love the results. We are your best choice for physical therapy in Carmel!

BACK PAIN With the many causes of neck or low-back pain, determining what the root cause is the difference between a speedy recovery or long road to relief. Medicines or quick chiropractic adjustments typically mask the cause of the problem and are temporary at best. We specialize providing long-lasting relief by getting to the root of the problem. Our programs help empower our patients with self-help tools and care.

CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME Pain, numbness or tingling in the hand and/or fingers is sometimes caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If you experience weakness, it may be more severe than you know. Many treatments are extremely effective in resolving this debilitating problem. Surgery should be the last option after exhausting other remedies. Contact us for a screening today.

FRACTURES Broken bones can take time to heal. Our revolutionary treatments not only speed the healing but help restore it to full strength.  It’s important to place appropriate stresses on mending bones during the healing phase in order to ensure fast and strong recovery. Come see us immediately after removing a cast for best results. We are experts in safe and effective movements and treatments.

TENDONITIS  Just as ropes can fray, so can tendons. When they fray too much a tear can develop. Nagging pain can occur when the area around the tendon/muscle/bone becomes inflamed. Imbalances in muscle and movement patterns typically lead to this potentially serious problem. Don’t suffer unnecessarily. Let a therapist help with your tendonitis and treat the issue before it gets worse.

NECK & SHOULDER PAIN Many nerves originate from your neck to your shoulders. The neck must be addressed properly in order for the shoulder to heal. Don’t suffer unnecessarily with neck and/or shoulder pain. Let a therapist guide you on your road to recovery. Most of our patients get better within 6 sessions (lower than the national average).

KNEE PAIN/PROBLEMS Knee pain can be tricky if you don’t take care of it right away. It’s a joint that we need to use a lot and it bears a lot of weight so healing can come slowly. Our revolutionary treatments unload the joint to help normalize it for fast relief and healing.

FIBROMYALGIA This syndrome affects muscles and soft tissue with symptoms including chronic fatigue, sleep problems, muscle pain, and painful trigger points. Physical therapy and massage therapy can help to manage the pain of fibromyalgia while providing relief to you. Don’t suffer with debilitating pain – we can help! This is not a comprehensive list of all ailments we treat.  Find more ailments here>>>

– headaches/migraines
– movement disorders
– whiplash
– arthritis
– disc herniation
– osteoarthritis
– thoracic outlet syndrome
– fibromyalgia
– radicular pain
– posture dysfunction
– tendinitis/bursitis
– frozen shoulder
– impingement syndrome
– dislocation/instability
– labral tears
– arthroscopic surgery
– partial/total replacement
– clavicle fractures
– rotator cuff problems
– contractures due to post-fracture-injury
– ligament tears
– bursitis
-golfers/tennis elbow
– radial fractures
– ulnar nerve repositioning surgery
– little league elbow/throwers elbow
– carpal tunnel syndrome
– arthritis
– tendon repositioning surgery
– fractures
– trigger finger
Lower Back – Spine
– disc problems
– spine surgery rehab
– arthritis
– sciatica/lumbago
– scoliosis
– total hip replacement
– avascular necrosis of hip
– fractures
– bursitis/tendinitis
– Sacro-Iliac Joint
– SI joint dysfunctions
– pelvic fractures
– ACL repair
– arthroscopic repairs
– total knee replacement
– meniscal disorders
– arthritis/osteoarthritis
– knee cap disorders (PFS, etc.)
– Oschgood Schlatters disease
– fractures
– contractures after surgery
– patellar tendinitis
– jumper’s knee
– iliotibial band syndrome
– runner’s knee
– platar fasciitis
– Achilles rupture
– peripheral neuropathy
– heel spur pain
– sprain/strain
– ATF ligament tears
– fractures
– drop foot
– neuroma
– bunion
– hammertoe surgery

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