Carpal Tunnel

Have you been diagnosed with or suspect you may have carpal tunnel syndrome? Don’t want to go through surgery or have had surgery and it was ineffective? Priority Rehab can quickly help this bothersome condition that hinders everyday use of your hands. Priority Rehab uses Cold Laser technology as a quick and non-invasive treatment to cure carpal tunnel.


What is carpal tunnel?

In your wrist is a small tunnel-like passage where tendons and nerves pass through into the hand. Many factors can contribute to swelling or thickening of the tissues that surround the tunnel resulting in a narrowed space for which the tendons and nerves pass. The increased pressure to specifically the median nerve causes pain and numbness in the hand. You may feel this numbness/tingling specifically in your thumb, index and middle fingers which the median nerve innervates. This bothersome condition causes difficulty to use affected hand effectively and efficiently.


What can you do?

Carpal Tunnel syndrome tends to worsen if not treated. The licensed Occupational and Physical Therapists at Priority Rehab will treat your carpal tunnel syndrome with revolutionary pain management using cold laser technology and conservative methods. If you are suffering from this condition, call Priority Rehab and Wellness now!  317-688-8232


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