Hand Arthritis

Are the symptoms of hand arthritis affecting your daily activities? Are you tired of dealing with stiffness or pain due to hand arthritis when trying to perform the tasks you enjoy? Call Priority Rehab in Carmel, today!

Your hand is made up of multiple small joints that all work together to perform movement. When hand arthritis occurs, simple activities and repetitive tasks such as typing on a keyboard, tying your shoe, gripping utensils, or fastening buttons become much more difficult. Arthritis is defined by inflammation of one or more of those joints. Hand arthritis wears away at the cartilage of the joints which is the cushioning material between the bones and can cause symptoms including joint pain, joint stiffness, a grinding feeling, swelling, warmth, and changes in your surrounding joints. Hand arthritis has many different causes including disease and trauma. If not treated properly, the bones that make up the joint can lose their normal shape resulting in more pain and decreased range of motion. The Occupational Therapists’ at Priority Rehab are here to provide conservative treatment to decrease pain and restore motion in your hands due to hand arthritis. Treatment for hand arthritis from a skilled therapist can including stretching, gentle strengthening programs, and splint recommendations. The therapists at Priority Rehab are also trained in modifying home environments and utilizing adaptive equipment which can allow you to still perform your daily activities without discomfort and help you to maintain your level of independence!

Hand arthritis doesn’t have to stop you from doing the things you love! Call Priority Rehab in Carmel today at (317) 688-8232!


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