Pain, Stress, Tension Relief Program

Priority Rehab is more than just a Physical Therapy clinic. We believe your mental and emotional well being is just as important as your physical health. Oftentimes mental distractions can lead to other serious problems throughout the body. That is why we are offering a program with techniques meant to alleviate pain, stress, tension, anxiety, headaches and other agony and discomfort you may be experiencing.

We use techniques such as Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Occipital Cranial Release, Cold Laser Therapy and much more to heal your ailments and put your mind and body back into alignment. Whether your symptoms are chronic or acute we create a unique program, just for you, to improve your energy, mood, and state of mind. If you are worried, stressed, or suffering from pain this program is right for you. Carrying the burden of angst and throbbing pain day after day can lead to even worse problems physically and emotionally such as:

 Headaches & Migraines
 Intestinal Pain, Poor Gut Health, Weight Loss or Weight Gain
 Depression and Anxiety
 Elevated Blood Pressure
 Chest Pain
 Fatigue and Trouble Sleeping
 Diminished Sex Drive

Massage and stress relief therapy have been proven by research to lower blood pressure and heart rate, release serotonin and dopamine, increase the production of endorphins and release muscle tension.

By freeing the body from this strain, you will be in more control of your life and be able to control your appetite, enjoy exercise, spend more quality time with family and friends, and get the most out of each day of your life.

With help from our trained therapists, we can get you smiling and back on your feet!


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