Speech Pathology and Dementia

When one hears the phrase “speech therapy,” for their loved one, they may think, “well, mom talks just fine.” Or, “it’s because of the dementia that mom can’t talk.” Or even, they have dementia, what’s therapy going to do for mom?”

What many people don’t realize is that speech therapy encompasses many things, and helping those with dementia and their family is one of those things!  At Priority Rehab and Wellness, our speech pathologist can assist someone with dementia and their family with the goals “safety and quality of life for the patient, improving balance and mobility, and improving relationships among the patient, nursing staff, and family by decreasing repetitive behaviors, catastrophic outbursts, wandering, and the many other dementia-induced behaviors, as well as decreasing aspiration risk and improving nutrition and hydration. The goal is to create a world that makes the most sense to patients at their stage of dementia.”  (Watson, Shadowens, 2009)

At Priority Rehab and Wellness, after a thorough interview with you and your loved one with dementia, our speech pathologist will determine your loved one’s level of dementia (staging).  Through staging and determining spared vs. impaired capabilities, our speech pathologist can determine effective intervention strategies and management.


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