Sports Therapy

Eliminate Pain and Perform Your Best!


Sports therapy is a revolutionary form of therapy that works!

Those struggling with:

  • Poor sports performance
  • Emotional distress from underperformance
  • Areas of pain
  • Constantly being sidelined
  • and more!

Talk to our team of therapists at Priority to learn more about this amazing sports solution for your athletes.

  • What is Sports Performance Therapy?
  • What are the benefits of Athlete Performance Therapy?
  • How do I know my athlete would benefit from Sports Therapy?
  • How do I find the right Sports Therapy solution for my athlete?
  • Empower your athletes and help them to enjoy life more!

Full Package Includes:

  • (6) sessions for $599 (Call to learn about more options)
    • Goal Setting
    • Physical Therapy Evaluation to determine the root of your pain
    • Performance Enhancement, Strength & Conditioning, and Improved Range of Motion
    • Compete at a higher level in sports
    • Increase skillset
    • Learn safe, efficient movements and habits to be more productive at work and at home

Just call this number below and mention “PrioritySports” for a $100 discount!
That’s right, $100 OFF of $599 when you call today and say, “PrioritySports”.
Phone: 317-688-7560

The therapists at Priority Rehab will apply the latest methods of technology, Physical Therapy and Exercise to children, athletes, adults, and anyone striving to move without pain to achieve more success throughout the day. We will discuss goals, areas of pain, and evaluate how you move so you can avoid the risk of injury and make the most of your days on the field, in the office or in your home.

Finally, a program designed for every one of all ages! Whether you’re looking to gain strength and momentum in sports or feel more productive at work and around the home, this program will meet your needs.


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